Entone partners with Unity Telecom for broadband TV Service

Telecom Lead America: Entone, a provider of Hybrid TV and
Connected Home solutions, announced its association with Unity Telecom.


Unity Telecom has selected FusionTV solution to launch a
first-of-its-kind Broadband TV service that unites live HDTV programming and
cloud-based services.


With FusionTV, we steer clear of legal gray areas
concerning Broadband TV solutions. Entone’s FusionTV enables us to quickly
deploy a video-centric service across our entire broadband footprint without
the complexities and cost associated with local programming, allowing us to
cost-effectively deliver a differentiating Broadband TV service that blends
linear TV with cloud-based media services and over-the-top (OTT) content,” said
Chuck Schneider, president and CEO of Unity Telecom.


The company said that its FusionTV service aligns service
operators and broadcasters with existing FCC regulations. While, in contrast
other emerging Broadband TV models require proprietary head-end equipment and
market-by-market retransmission agreements.


FusionTV also prevents conflicts with broadcasters by
allowing operators to embrace the popularity of free-to-air (FTA) programming.


Unity Telecom will distribute Entone’s FusionTV service
through its nationwide network of over 3,500 retail locations


Furthermore, Unity Telecom will also be able to offer
cloud-based media services, such as VUDU’s streaming library of over 50,000
titles and more than 50 popular web applications like photo sharing from Flickr
and Picasa and social networking from Facebook and Twitter.


“FusionTV appeals to a growing segment of consumers
who are attracted to the economics of FTA broadcast content complemented by
online media services,” said Andrew Morton, Vice President of Broadband TV
Solutions at Entone.


TCT deploys Entone FusionTV


Last year, Tri-County Telephone Association (TCT)
selected FusionTV solution to enable the delivery of hybrid TV services.


With the deployment of the IPTV Edition of Entone’s
FusionTV solution, TCT is offering their subscribers a unified experience that
combines linear TV service, digital video recording (DVR), and web-based media
services such as VUDU Movies and hundreds of popular web destinations,
delivered to the TV via a seamless user interface.


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