Eogogics : 20 telecom technologies for 2012

Eogogics, a
provider of training and consulting services, announced 20 hot technologies for
2012 based on analysis of thousands of queries for technical services from its
worldwide clientele.

When clients
query us about technology needs, that feeds into a database. If companies are
willing, and in some cases eager, to invest training/consulting dollars in a
technology, especially in these lean times, there ought to be a reasonable
expectation of return-on-investment. We have plans to add courses and services
in most of the -hot 20′ areas where we don’t already have existing offerings,”
said KK Arora, Eogogics President.

    * The
technologies follow alphabetically.

    * 4G LTE

    * 5G Wireless

    * Carrier

    * Cloud Computing

    * Cyber

    * Digital

    * Home Area
Networks (HANs)

    * Internet
Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)

    * IPv6

    * Mobile Backhaul

    * Presence,
Preference, Geo-Location

    * Radio Frequency
Identification (RFID)

    * Root Cause
Failure Analysis (RCFA)

    * SIP/SIP-T

    * SmartGrid

    * Social Business

    * Telematics/GPS

    * TelePresence

    * Unified

    * Voice-Enabled

While one
could argue whether this is -the’ list or what else should be on the list,
these technologies clearly interest a wide range of organizations in the US and
abroad. Therefore, the technologies on this list that also apply to your own
field should clearly be on your -learn more about’ radar,” said Jim Cavanagh,
who heads the Eogogics NextGen Technologies group.

Telecomlead.com Team
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