Ericsson showcases Trusted Service Manager service at NFC Payments Europe

Telecom Lead Europe: Telecom equipment vendor Ericsson
has demonstrated its Trusted Service Manager (TSM) service at NFC Payments
Europe in London.

The system allows remote deployment and removal of
payment applications.

Ericsson has demonstrated the use of mobile Point-of-Sale
(POS) terminals for payment transactions.

The solution enables financial service providers to issue
their applications to secure elements in NFC handsets while retaining complete
control of their products, risk parameters and data.

“With this demo, Ericsson and partners showed today
the removal of one more barrier-to-entry for financial card issuers. We have
further reduced the complexity of connecting to secure element issuers and
demonstrated how simple it could be for credit card issuers to load payment
cards securely onto mobile phones,” said Richard Anell, Head of IPX, Ericsson.

The standardized NFC ecosystem is rapidly becoming a
reality, reducing the complexity and cost of commercial rollout to application
issuers of all types and further underlining the ease and security of payment
at the point of sale. We are providing a next-generation system that will
finally allow the rapid introduction of mobile commerce globally,” said John
Wiese, CEO of Zenius.

The demo shows the card issuance process, from consumer
request, through delivery, activation and payment using the card. In this case
a major credit/payment card is requested on a website.

Card data is generated by Aconite’s MoAM system, and the
card is then loaded onto the mobile phone using Ericsson’s IPX TSM remote
application management service.

By minimizing investment in infrastructure components
and maximizing issuer control over their mobile applications, we reduce capital
investment and improve ROI, demonstrating the benefit of the standards based
component system,” said Patrick Register, sales director, Aconite.

The solution uses the Ericsson’s IPX TSM service,
integrated through GlobalPlatform standard interfaces to Aconite’s MoAM Service
Provider system and the Zenius mobile wallet. The solution allows payment
application data to be generated, securely delivered to the TSM and then
personalized OTA to secure elements in the phone, to permit payments to be made
using the NFC interface.

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