Erlang works with Mobile Interactive to develop mobile messaging gateway

Erlang Solutions announced it is working with mobile and
digital technology business Mobile Interactive Group (MIG), for upgrading their
Messaging Gateway, which enables businesses to transmit high volumes of SMS
messages directly to and from multiple mobile users.

In addition to MIG’s internal language expertise, Erlang
Solutions assisted MIG’s Development Team with a 360 review of the platforms
architecture and design, implemented change and supported testing. 

MIG required Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) and
Universal Computer Protocol (UCP) stacks, capable of delivering short messages
between SMS peer entities to a fixed deadline. SMPP and UCP are used by clients
to connect to the mobile network operators (MNOs) Short Message Service Centre

Since the first SMS was sent in 1992, mobile messaging
has become a core communications tool.   Consumer demand insists that
mobile network operators (MNO’s) have the ability to transmit a high volumes of
text messages in real-time and ideally with no delay, particularly during
periods of peak traffic like Christmas, New Years Eve, major sporting events
and participation TV shows. 

It’s been great to work with Erlang Solutions over the
past 18 months.  Their Open Telecom Platform has been created with
Telecoms in mind; therefore scalability, volume and reliability are paramount,
meaning the perfect solutions provider for the upgrade to MIG’s Messaging
Gateway. We have benefitted from the active Erlang Open Source Community and
are happy that we can contribute the UCP protocol,” said Marcus Kern, chief
technology officer, Mobile Interactive Group.

We worked with Erlang Solutions to review the Gateways
architecture and design, plus they presented a proof of concept which gave us
the confidence and winning formula to proceed with this extremely complex
project – Their inherent expertise gave MIG a crucial competitive advantage which
was vital to its success of this project,” Kern added.

The team here at Erlang Solutions has unrivalled
expertise and knowledge in these types of projects and has previously built
similar gateways in Erlang for other high profile companies; this experience
has helped to make this project a great success,” said Marcus Taylor,
commercial director and Co-Founder of Erlang Solutions.

MIG’s Messaging Gateway can now deliver in excess of
200,000 messages per second and the upgrade provides just one more example of
the many user cases to which Erlang can be applied – across multiple industries
and applications, within a specific timeframe and within budget,” Taylor added.


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