ESTeem Wireless Modems launches wireless modem in unlicensed 5.8 GHz spectrum

Electronic Systems Technology, dba ESTeem Wireless Modems, has launched the
ESTeem Model 195Ea high-power industrial-grade radio.

The 195Ea operates in the unlicensed, low-noise, 5.8 GHz radio spectrum. This
product offers 6 to 54 Mbps RF data rates for Ethernet/IP, Serial/DF1, and
Remote I/O applications.

The ESTeem 195Ea has the Self-Healing MESH feature to allow creation of
wireless networks over large geographical areas. The MESH feature also builds
robust networks by allowing the radios to automatically reroute the
communication path if there is a problem with the primary path. The MESH
Network allows mobile Clients to roam seamlessly under the Wireless Canopy.

The 195Eg utilizes a small advanced industrial hardened case with Power over
Ethernet (PoE) technology for direct outdoor pole mounting. This pole-mounting
feature reduces site installation costs. An added product benefit of pole
mounting is increased radio performance without the feedline losses associated
with conventional cabinet-mounted radios.

“The 195Ea, when used in large geographical applications such as
Water/Wastewater, Oil/Gas, and Utility sites, will provide increased Ethernet
data rates to sites that historically use low-speed narrow band licensed
radios,” said Tom Kirchner, president, Electronic Systems Technology.

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