eTrak unveils new range of location-tracking devices on Verizon Wireless’ Network

Telecom Lead America: eTrak Corporation has unveiled
a new line of location-tracking devices on the Verizon Wireless network.

Designed for the enterprise and consumer markets, eTrak
devices operate on Hybrid Tracking System incorporating Wi-Fi access points,
Cell-ID and GPS to ensure pinpoint accuracy.

Dallas-based eTrak claims that this less expensive and
smaller line of wireless location-tracking devices has made location-tracking
affordable for the consumer and business markets.

“We needed the most reliable network provider to
give our customers the best all around availability to support their M2M
products and Verizon Wireless’ network is the best to fulfill our business
vision. The eTrak consumer products will provide safety and peace of mind at an
affordable price” said John Harris, CEO, eTrak Corp.

The devices leverage Learning Technology that helps them
to recognize new Wi-Fi locations and map them to an existing, robust WAP

“Many organizations lose track of inventory due to
poor record keeping and sometimes integrity issues. In order for a company to
best manage their assets, a reliable network such as Verizon Wireless is the
best way for monitoring data and the assets which help a business
workflow,” said Leslie Hernandez, business sales director – Central Texas
Region, Verizon Wireless.

With these devices, users can get position of the assets
in real time, indoors or out through eTrak server. Additionally, the wireless
devices contain a “Panic Button” feature utilized to send emergency
requests for assistance via text and email.

The eTrak devices can be worn on the wrist, ankle, around
the neck, or can be attached to a key ring, belt, backpack or shoelaces.
 The company has fixed price of eTrak at $99, with a monthly subscription
rate of $8 to $15.

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