Eutelsat joins Space Data Association as executive member


The Space Data Association (SDA), established by
commercial satellite operators to improve the safety and efficiency of space
operations, announced that Eutelsat Communications will join its board as an
executive member.


The SDA is a non-profit association that brings together
satellite operators
who value controlled, reliable and efficient data-sharing critical to the
safety and integrity of the space environment and radio frequency spectrum.


As an executive member, Eutelsat will join
the existing executive members, Inmarsat, Intelsat and SES that sit on the
board of the non-profit entity managing its activities in support of the space
industry. As one of the world’s largest satellite operators, Eutelsat’s
participation has been eagerly anticipated by existing SDA members.


“We have been in regular contact with Eutelsat
throughout the formation and development of the SDA and they have provided
valuable input. With their welcome participation as an Executive Member, we
will be able to fully leverage their experience and status within the industry.
I and the other SDA directors are looking forward to working with them as the
SDA develops its capabilities and membership,” said Stewart Sanders,
chairman, SDA.


“In order to deliver the best service to our overall
community of users, it is clearly in the interests of satellite operators to
pool our resources and further improve space situational awareness. We are
delighted to join the SDA in this spirit, to bring our experience to the table
and to collaborate on improving the safety and efficiency of satellite
operations,” said David Bair, CTO, Eutelsat.


In addition to Eutelsat, Inmarsat, Intelsat and SES, the
SDA’s membership now includes Avanti, Echostar, GeoEye, Paradigm, SS/L and
StarOne. The SDA continues to work with the other satellite operators
participating in its operations in order to confirm their formal membership.


The association operates the Space Data Center (SDC), the
satellite community’s first global operator-led network for sharing
high-accuracy operational data to improve overall space situational awareness
and satellite operations.


The SDC provides Conjunction Assessment (CA) processing
for more than 60% of all operational satellites in geosynchronous Earth orbit
(GEO), nearly 200 geosynchronous satellites in total plus more than 100 LEO


The system was provided and is operated by the SDA’s main
technical adviser and systems developer, Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI). In addition
to the CA processing, the SDC supports data sharing in support of other
satellite operations activities including RF Interference (RFI) mitigation.


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