Eutelsat revenue up 4.6% at 1.22 billion euro in FY12

Telecom Lead Europe: Eutelsat Communication has posted
revenues of 1.22 billion euro for the year ended June 30 FY12, up 4.6 percent,
against 1.16 billion euro for the year 2011.

Eurtelsat’s video applications business grew
significantly at 832.2 million euro in 2012, up 5.8 percent, as compared to
786.5 million euro for the year 2011. This segment represents 68.6 percent of
the total revenues earned for the year 2012.

For the year 2012, the company posted 0.4 percent growth
for its data and value added services at 235 million euro, as compared to 234
million euro for the year 2011. Data services stood at 185.1 million euro, down
1.6 percent in 2012.

The company said that the whole last year faced tough
comparisons followiug rapid ramp-up of leased capacity on EUTELSAT10A(serving Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Indian Ocean islands) and
EUTELSAT 36B (serving Russia and sub-Saharan Africa) which generated two consecutive years of double­digit growth.

The Value-added   services
  including   broadband   services grew 8.5 percent to 49.9
million in 2012. The company said that the take­up of Tooway consumer services offset the decline in
enterprise services from D­Star.

Multi-usage segment grew 16.7 percent in 2012 at 146.5
million, against 125.6 million for the year 2011.

EBITDA stood at 957.2 million euro for the year 2012, up
3.3 percent, as compared to 926.4 million euro for the last year.

The company expects three-year CAGR of 5
percent to 6 percent for the period ending
30 June 2015 with 3 percent to 4
percent growth in 2012­2013.

Additionally, the company expects that
capital expenditure will be around 500 million
euro on average per year.


Eutelsat Communications continues to deliver profitable
growth, with revenues up 4.6 percent and the highest EBITDA margin among the
largest satellite operators. Our order backlog exceeded €5 billion, equivalent
to 4.3 times annual revenues, lending high long­term visibility,” said
Michel de Rosen, CEO of Eutelsat Communication.


“Demand for transponder capacity across our
footprint remains strong and we continue to optimise the fleet of current and
upcoming satellites in order to capture growth in the video, data and broadband
markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia,” de Rosen added.

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