Exclaim Mobility acquires SmrtGuard Mobile security cloud-service applications

Exclaim Mobility announced the acquisition of Smart Solutions and its
SmrtGuard mobile security, privacy, data backup and restore application.

As a result, Exclaim Mobility will launch a new consumer mobile device
security service, Snap Secure.

As part of this acquisition, SmrtGuard’s founder and CEO, Robert Kao,
will join Exclaim Mobility’s senior management team as vice president.

Snap Secure will give consumers enhanced security from viruses, malware,
and data loss, as well as privacy management which is critical for consumers
who rely heavily on their mobile devices as a primary computing platform.

“We have a great opportunity to capture a part of the growing global
mobile security market, which is expected to reach $8.2 billion by 2015, and
deliver world-class security for consumers who want to protect their devices,
personal information, financial data and content, including photos, videos,
music, documents, as well as email and SMS messages,” said Jiren Parikh,
president and CEO of Exclaim Mobility.

Over three billion new smartphones and tablets are expected to ship
worldwide by 2015, in addition to the billions of mobile devices already on the
market. Consumers are increasingly storing critical personal information and
critical content on mobile devices, putting them at risk of a wide range of
security threats.

The Snap Secure mobile applications and cloud connectivity for backing
up and restoring critical application and user data will build on the success
of SmrtGuard as an Android and BlackBerry device security platform, which was
named one of the best security apps by eSecurity Planet.

Exclaim Mobility will expand device support to tablets, personal
computers, televisions and other internet-enabled media devices under a unified
offering and monthly subscription. Furthermore, mobile device support will be
expanded to include Symbian, Windows and certain Java feature phones in 2012.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]