EXFO launches FTB-2200 Broadband Source to use with the FTB-5500B PMD analyzer

Telecom Lead America: EXFO, a provider of test and
service assurance solutions for wireline and wireless network operators,
has launched its FTB-2200 Broadband Source, a 40G/100G-ready high-power PMD
source module.


FTB-2200 is equipped with a built-in polarization scrambler. It combines with
the FTB-5500B to ensure that all legacy and newly designed networks will
achieve optimal performance, regardless of transmission speed.


FTB-2200 is designed for the FTB-200 Compact
Platform and provides customers with additional tools to meet the demand for
stable and resilient network performance.


If used in concurrence with the FTB-5500B generalized
interferometric PMD analyzer, the FTB-2200 enables most accurate field-based
PMD measurements.


With increasing data speeds, measuring low values of
polarization mode dispersion (PMD) is more crucial than ever. The company said
that it has been known for a long time that PMD is a significant obstacle in
both legacy and newly deployed networks.


High-speed fiber networks, including long-haul and
submarine routes, require tighter margins and more accurate measurement of PMD,
which is what the battery-operated, high-power FTB-2200 Broadband Source offers
when used with the FTB-5500B PMD Analyzer.


Recently,  EXFO
showcased 40G/100G high-speed testing solution designed to help system
manufacturers reduce time to market and network service providers roll out
high-speed services.


The company also showcased the comprehensive 100G
multiservice test solution at OFC/NFOEC 2012 in Los Angeles, California.


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