EXFO unveils high-performance benchtop power meter

EXFO LTB-1-FTB-1750_1

EXFO has launched the LTK-1, a high-performance benchtop power meter on new LTB-1 platform. 
The FTB-1750 optical power meter will be used in high-performance power measurements. 

The company says that the unique and patented design of the FTB-1750 will be economical in both time and money, along with providing increased measurement throughput. 
The kit has an 85 dB range and comes with fast stabilization time to allow simultaneous measurement of high and low signals for up to four channels. It is fabricated on the LTB-1 benchtop platform so that the power meter can deliver speed, accuracy and flexibility in a compact form-factor, said the group.
“The new benchtop power meter kit can be tailored to meet the needs of the lab engineer looking for high performance as well as the needs of the production manager looking for a small, cost-effective solution that can be automated,” said Stéphane Chabot, vice president, EXFO’s Physical-Layer Test Division.

The Windows-based LTB-1 benchtop platform will add to the efficiency and flexibility with Ethernet remote control port and new processor. The LTK-1 power meter kit offers the first touchscreen display together with an optional inspection probe named FIP-400B.

The kit also has a web-based user interface and powerful remote control capabilities via its built-in Ethernet port and instrument drivers.

“It was designed to help network equipment manufacturers get the best performance from their test sets while minimizing expenses,” Chabot added.

In third quarter, EXFO reported 5 percent increase in sales year-on-year to $60.9 million and adjusted EBITDA up by 80 percent YoY to $15.9 million for the first nine months of 2016.
Vina Krishnan