EXFO’s WDM Investigator lowers troubleshooting time and OPEX in DWDM networks

Telecom Lead Canada: EXFO, a provider of network testing and service assurance solutions, unveiled a new tool called WDM Investigator, which enables network operators to significantly decrease troubleshooting time and drastically cut operational expenses by providing unique identification of DWDM network impairments.
FTB-5240S/BP Optical Spectrum Analyzers

The WDM Investigator provides users with better assessment of impairments affecting DWDM networks on a per-channel basis for rapid identification of the defective component. It is offered as an option on the FTB-5240S/BP Optical Spectrum Analyzers (OSA). The new WDM Investigator will enable operators to reduce their OPEX and acquire intelligent tools that speed up repair time.

Since DWDM networks are becoming increasingly complex due to the new technologies being deployed (e.g., tighter channel spacing, ROADMs and polarization-multiplexed signals), the number of potential causes for failure are also increasing accordingly.

While past impairment types were relatively few and well known (e.g., excessive loss, high dispersion and excessive ASE noise), the newly deployed technologies give rise to previously uncommon impairments, such as crosstalk and non-linear effects. Service providers will now be able to identify these impairments and their impact on signal degradation and troubleshoot DWDM networks more quickly and effectively.

The new WDM Investigator featured on EXFO’s FTB-5240S/BP provides better insight into link characteristics (including polarization-multiplexed signals and carved noise) and signal impairments, and an assessment of their severity. Examples of such impairments include PMD depolarization, crosstalk, non-linear effects and carrier leakage. Accordingly, the new WDM Investigator helps pinpoint causes of failure in DWDM networks, both quickly and accurately.

“We are proud to provide our customers with powerful spectral analysis tools that reduce downtime and speed up time-to-revenue,” said Étienne Gagnon, vice-president of EXFO’s Test and Measurement Division. “This new option on the FTB-5240S/BP pays for itself in just a few troubleshooting tickets. In addition, it further strengthens EXFO’s no. 1 market-share position in the portable OSA market, as recognized by Frost & Sullivan.”

Orders for WDM Investigator are being accepted now, with delivery expected in late March 2013.

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