Exoprise to accelerate enterprise adoption of Google Chromebooks with CloudReady

Systems announced the launch of CloudReady Insight for Desktops, an assessment
solution built to identify which users, applications and machines in an
organization can migrate to cloud-based alternatives including Google
Chromebooks and Google Apps for Business.

approach requires no client-side agents, is deployable in minutes and delivers
deep insights into key Post-PC Era decision factors such as total cost of
ownership, actual application usage, productivity and performance.

made available to businesses, the Google Chromebook is a web-optimized, secure
computer designed to help organizations seize the advantages of cloud-based
alternatives to on-premises applications.

created CloudReady Insight for Desktops to help organizations determine the fit
and benefits of Chromebooks through an automated, data-driven assessment of key
environment, cost and application usage factors.

Insight for Desktops helps organizations prioritize their IT investments and
transform their application delivery strategy.

with an increasing number of alternatives to Windows PC-based environments
including Virtual Desktop solutions like Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View or
Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and cloud-enabled solutions like Google Apps,
IT leaders require new technologies that help determine which approach is most
viable and cost effective for their enterprise.

detailed knowledge of application usage and TCO across an environment is
critical to making decisions about which alternative platforms are best for an organization,”
said Jason Lieblich, Exoprise founder and CEO.

Telecomlead.com Team
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