Extreme Networks adds 300 cloud customers for all-Ethernet Open Fabric solution, ahead of Juniper

Telecom Lead America:
Extreme Networks has added 300 cloud and data center customers for its
all-Ethernet Open Fabric solution. Extreme Networks has twice the number
of Open Fabric deployments as Juniper’s QFabric. 

Extreme Networks’ Open Fabric is based on 40 GbE network

40 GbE network technologies use open standards protocols
such as M-LAG (Multi-Switch Link Aggregation) and Data Center Bridging

With 300 deployments worldwide, Extreme Networks claims that
it has twice the number of Open Fabric deployments as Juniper’s QFabric, based
on Juniper’s own reported number of customers discussed by the company during
its earnings, April 24th.

Mobile devices, web apps and cloud infrastructures are
driving one of the largest network upgrade periods in 20 years.

“Being first to market with a 40 GbE network fabric
allows our customers to upgrade their networks for new cloud, data center and
mobile applications. Our all-Ethernet Open Fabric solution is well
positioned to gain market share,” said Oscar Rodriguez, president and
CEO of Extreme Networks.

Besides global mobile operators, some of the Extreme
Networks Open Fabric customer include LINX, VMware and the Wellcome Trust
Sanger Institute. 

About half of the Open Fabric customers are enterprise data
centers, one quarter are mobile operators, and 20 percent are cloud-scale data
centers.  Others include high performance computing (HPC) and government
security customers.

“The best way to measure the impact of change driven by
the new data center is profiling the adoption of more efficient and faster
network designs by a range of customers,” said Zeus Kerravala,
principal analyst for ZK Research. 

Extreme Networks Open Fabric data center and cloud switching
architecture enables increased performance, ultra-low latency, converged
storage capabilities such as DCB, and energy efficiency.  The Summit X670,
Summit X650 and BlackDiamond X8 products offer customers a highly flexible and
automate 10 and 40 GbE architecture. 

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