Facebook sports game comes to Android

Nordeus, developers of Facebook’s most played sports game, Top Eleven,
has launched a mobile version of its game on Android.

This follows on from the launch earlier this month of Top Eleven 2.0 on
Facebook and TopEleven.com, bringing a huge number of new features to the game.

Top Eleven also passed a milestone of having over one million users log
in to play in one day.

With Top Eleven on Android, players can now easily pick up where they
left off on Facebook and TopEleven.com, as the game stays in sync regardless of
which device you play it on.

“Now our millions of fans of Top Eleven can take their team with
them in their pocket wherever they go and make sure they don’t miss crucial
games or transfer windows. We have worked hard as a team to make sure that the
mobile versions of Top Eleven offer as full and rich an experience as the
desktop versions of the game, allowing players to easily switch between
different devices, but always be presented with the same game,” said
Branko Milutinović, CEO, Nordeus

“Top Eleven on Android allows you to never miss the big match and
discreetly access and manage your team at critical moments, so that you can win
the league even if in real life you’re stuck in a boring business
meeting,” Milutinović added.

Top Eleven on Android will also help teams improve their chances in the
game by providing timely notifications and alerts for players reminding them to
bid on the best strikers and hiring medics to overcome player injuries.

Top Eleven lets soccer managers select, train and build their own squad
of players to compete against friends and other players over the course of a
28-day season. Those at the top of the league can relish in the glory of
promotion into the next league, facing tougher opponents and with the rewards
of more money, better players and the lure of the Champions Cup. Managers are
also responsible for every detail of running the club, from developing players
careers, picking the best sponsorship deals and building new stadium

Top Eleven moving to mobile is key strategic move for Nordeus as a
business that believes the future is multi-platform gaming.

Top Eleven became the most played sports game on Facebook after it
overtook gaming giant Electronic Arts’ EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars in June.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]