Financial firms leverage ZipDial to generate business


ZipDial announced that its innovative call to action
platform is being used by financial advisory firms from all over India, to
engage with their customers. Funds India, Go4Advisor, MoneyPlus Financials and
Rang De are all utilizing the ZipDial platform to capture more leads and
deliver on-demand portfolio updates through the ZipDial service.



ZipDial’s system is
very simple to use and is toll-free for consumers from all over India.
Institutions subscribe to ZipDial services and get a dedicated ZipDial number
that they promote in all their marketing communications. Users have to only
ZipDial, or missed call, that number to request for the promoted service.



Zipdial has been very useful in initiating the mobile
strategy of our platform.  Our customers can get instant access to their
portfolios in their mobile.  Lots of kudos to the team that made such a
simple concept work exceptionally well,” said Chandrashekar, CEO of Funds
India, who is one the earliest clients of ZipDial.



We are based in Gujarat, a state where customers think
twice even before investing in a phone call. Unlike other upcoming technologies
ZipDial does not need any user education. It’s a perfect solution for us,” said
another customer who has started using ZipDial recently and is already seen 80
percent jump in their conversion rate from advertising.



Rang De, a micro-credit institution has started using
ZipDial to manage traffic at call centres as it reduces load by answering basic
queries with an SMS and also allows you to distribute load to non-peak hours.



Mass adoption of critical services has been at the core
of ZipDial’s vision – and we are delighted to work with these innovators to add
financial services on our platform. Over the next few months, we will be
expanding the use of ZipDial with other clients and use cases in banking and
financial services sector,” said Valerie Rozycki, CEO of ZipDial.


By Team
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