Five things every CIO should know to use Apple in enterprises

Tekserve, an independent Apple retailer and consultancy
for nearly 25 years, announced five steps IT executives can take to capitalize
on what’s available today from Apple while also providing a strategic roadmap
for incorporating new technologies into their workplaces.


First, IT leaders need to evaluate their current use of
Apple products. Even if they’re not part of today’s plan, they’re still
being used by employees. Company technology pros need to understand what
workers are using, and how they’re using those products at work.

a plan

Once you know what’s happening, CIOs can build a
go-forward plan for how to integrate current technologies into their overall IT
strategy. As Apple products become more ubiquitous in business, IT needs to
have an understanding of their uses and what apps are being deployed.

a rollout roadmap

A thoughtful, prudent rollout of Apple
products across the enterprise will mitigate risks associated with rogue apps
or other unprotected uses of the company’s IP. If employees know the plan,
their own personal technology purchases can benefit the company vs. creating
new headaches for both IT and for workers.


It’s hard to imagine a business today that hasn’t been
impacted by its employees’ use of Apple products. By working with a trusted
sales and consulting partner, IT professionals can better manage the use of
Apple products in their company through holistic device management across the
enterprise. This will minimize risks and ensure compliance with validated
company processes.


Share information with internal stakeholders about plans
and where Apple fits within the overall corporate IT infrastructure.

As Apple consumers continue to expand their use of
current Apple products while fervently anticipating what’s coming next,
corporate CIOs are more pressed than ever to identify the best practices for
both leveraging the growing use of Apple devices and incorporate them into more
aggressive business strategies.

Tekserve Business Solutions helps CIOs, technology
decision-makers and small- and mid-size business owners best integrate Apple
into any IT environment in the enterprise. Services include Tekserve’s renowned
Pro A/V rich media production, storage and consulting services.

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