Flashlight Engineering unveils DiCE

Flashlight Engineering and Consulting announced the launch of the DiCE (Digital Cable Emulator) Mini-Headend, a PC-based solution that allows developers to build and test iTV applications quickly, conveniently and inexpensively.

DiCE can be used in 3 modes: As a streamer, DiCE will deliver several channels of QAM-modulated SD or HD video multiplexed in real-time from file or streaming sources. Individual sources may be started or stopped without interrupting the transmission of all other sources.

With an Ethernet connection to the set-top, DiCE will also add up to 5 simultaneous VOD sessions to any of the transport streams. In addition, it supports an HTTP file server for downloading application data to the set-top.

With the addition of a CMTS, DiCE will deliver a complete set of SI Tables (NIT, VCT, etc) over an OOB channel.

“With EBIF available in over 20 million homes, developers need a way to quickly and easily build and test interactive applications. DiCE provides that capability at an affordable price,” said Eric
Miller, CEO, Flashlight.
DiCE is portable, durable, and affordable for desktop development of cable applications as well as taking on the road for tradeshows or customer demos. DiCE can be either rack mounted or it can be used in a cubicle, office environment, trade show floor, or test lab.

Flashlight also offers a full set of engineering services, from staff augmentation, to full development teams dedicated to designing and building custom solutions for Flashlight’s clients.

By Telecomlead.com Team
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