Flexenclosure launches cloud-based toolbox for green telecom site power optimization

Telecom Lead Europe: Flexenclosure has launched eManager, a cloud-based solution for remote management and energy optimization of eSite networks.

“It will give mobile operators and site owners total control over their installed power solutions making it possible to proactively monitor and manage OPEX-driving activities and costs. This is a comprehensive all-in-one tool that provides the complete picture – available from wherever you are,” said David King, CEO, Flexenclosure.

In India, Flexenclosure works with Bharti Airtel.

Flexenclosure will target off-grid and bad grid base station sites. For these types of network, operators’ energy costs constitute 40 percent of their total OPEX. eManager provides additional functionality supporting the operations, engineering, business control and site logistics groups within the customer organization.

The company claims that the eManager can OPEX cost savings through actively monitoring, analyzing and optimising the performance of a single eSite through to an entire network of eSites.

eManager is used to optimize power for networks of Flexenclosure’s green power management system eSite. eSite is a single cabinet integrated energy system developed for powering both off-grid and bad grid base stations. It is capable of delivering up to 90 percent savings on diesel-related operating expenses at telecom sites.

eManager works with eSite’s intelligent control system Diriflex to collect and analyze all relevant site data, storing it in a detailed energy data warehouse for benchmarking, trend and historical analysis, as well as real-time monitoring.

As a cloud based application, customers can simply and securely access eManager via the Internet through a web browser on any standard computer. Alternately, if required, a server can be deployed at the customer’s premises.

Recently, Flexenclosure said it is planning to set up its production facility in India. The company is currently working with a top tower company in India for trials. Flexenclosure competes with telecom equipment makers such as Nokia Siemens Networks, Ericsson, Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent, ZTE, Cisco, NEC and others.

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