Florida Highway Patrol selects Panasonic mobile video solution for vehicle deployment

Panasonic Solutions, a provider of rugged mobile technology solutions
for law enforcement, announced that the Florida Highway Patrol has selected its
Toughbook Arbitrator Mobile Digital Video System for statewide vehicle

More than 700 State Trooper vehicles have already been outfitted by
Panasonic with the digital video solution as part of the Patrol’s initiatives
to streamline evidence collection and management processes and enhance officer
safety. An additional 300 units will be installed as part of this engagement.

The Toughbook Arbitrator is a digital video system for evidence capture
and management. It is the only all digital solid-state video system, capturing
up to 2500-hours of high-quality video to four Class 10 SD Memory Cards.

The Toughbook Arbitrator system compresses files for easy storage and
fast, secure and auditable wireless transmission of full-motion video. All
video and audio data files can be indexed and searched for rapid access by
time, date, officer, vehicle or incident. Like all Panasonic Toughbook
solutions, the Toughbook Arbitrator system is built to endure the rugged
environments of law enforcement use, with a shock-resistant, multi-function
mount that can withstand vibration and frequent physical shocks to the vehicle.

“The Florida Highway Patrol purchased the Panasonic Toughbook
Arbitrator system to enhance our ability to capture and convict impaired
drivers, while enhancing the safety of our troopers,” said David H
Brierton, Jr., director of the Florida Highway Patrol.

The investment in a digital video solution extends beyond just the
hardware. It includes training and back office infrastructure. To aid the
Florida Highway Patrol with a speedy deployment, Panasonic Solutions Company
provided comprehensive engagement support, including vehicle installation,
server implementation, training, and professional services.

“In-vehicle digital video is no longer optional. It’s mandatory for
law enforcement,” said Scott French, vice president of public sector sales
for Panasonic Solutions Company.

“Innovators, such as the Florida Highway Patrol, recognize how a
complete digital evidence capture and management system can help increase
officer safety and protect departments from false allegations and frivolous
lawsuits, while increasing the likelihood of successful prosecution,”
French added.

According to a study by the International Association of Chiefs of
Police (IACP), 33-percent of officers felt safer with the in-vehicle cameras.
Additionally, 48-percent of officers reported that citizens were less
aggressive when they knew an incident was being recorded. Of prosecutors
surveyed in the study, more than 91-percent said they used in-car video
evidence in court and that the evidence enhanced their ability to obtain
convictions and increased the number of guilty pleas before a case went to

By Telecomlead.com Team
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