Fluke Networks launches OptiFiber Pro OTDR for enterprise fiber testing

Telecom Lead America: Fluke Networks has launched
OptiFiber Pro OTDR, a handheld OTDR (optical time-domain reflectometer) for
enterprise fiber testing.

The OptiFiber Pro OTDR allow users to reduce costs
associated with premise fiber testing, while enhancing productivity and
improving network reliability.

The OptiFiber Pro OTDR creates a new standard for
usability with a smartphone interface that supports gesture-based commands, and
technology enhancements that simplify testing in datacenter environments.

This tester changes the game for fiber troubleshooting.
The OptiFiber Pro OTDR’s new multi-touch, smartphone-like interface
dramatically reduces the learning curve associated with using an OTDR. The
simplified Datacenter Mode and project management tools will help industry
technicians immediately deliver accurate test results and quickly archive and
access data,” said Doug Swalec, senior fiber application engineer at Panduit

The company claims that this the first OTDR with a
smartphone user-interface. It is designed to minimize the learning curve
typically associated with older OTDRs by reducing complexity, helping any
technician quickly become a fiber expert.

It automates the process of setting test parameters, like
wavelength or end-detection algorithms, significantly reducing set-up time and
the complexity of learning how to troubleshoot datacenter problems.

Enterprise fiber use is growing at 57 percent a year,
which increases the frequency and importance of fiber testing necessary to
minimize issues that can be devastating to network operations,” said Jason
Wilbur, vice president of datacom cabling and installation tools at Fluke

It features the industry’s shortest event and attenuation
dead zones. This is critical in virtualized server environments, where
connections are often less than one meter and hidden performance issues can
severely decrease the reliability of datacenters and storage area networks

The new OptiFiber PRO is aimed squarely at the challenges
enterprise customers are facing today. The tester’s new smartphone interface
dramatically reduces the learning curve associated with using an OTDR, and the
simplified Datacenter Mode will help technicians immediately solve problems in
mission critical datacenter environments.

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