Flytxt to raise $15 million to expand business in SE Asia and Middle East by Q2, 2012


Flytxt, which is very active in the mobile advertising
and marketing space, recently launched a technology forum India. Talking about
expansion plans in APAC, Africa and the Middle East, Vinod Vasudevan, Group
CEO, Flytxt
also touches on the upcoming QREDA m-advertising platform


Flytxt recently launched an online technology
forum. How does this platform work, and which Indian operators have you tied up
with for the same?


Flytxt believes in contributing to the mobile ecosystem
with its thought leadership and technology expertise. It is with this idea the
technology forum was launched. It works as a platform for mobile technology
developers, enthusiasts and thought leaders to share and exchange ideas with
Flytxt experts on emerging technologies and innovative products in the field of
mobile marketing.


What is the investment you have in India and
other emerging markets?


In the last 3 years, the major focus of Flytxt has been
to expand operations in India and establish its footprint firmly. We have grown
from 15 people to 160 people in India. We have product consultants deployed in
16 states in India, who support/consult operators identifying new marketing
opportunities and create innovative campaigns. 


Having established our impact with some of the largest
and most innovative operators in the region, we are also expanding in African,
APAC and Middle Eastern markets. We have exciting customer deals in the
pipeline which we expect to announce very soon. These will include various
technology solutions for our existing and new customers in these geographies,
which will enable mobile campaigns with high ROI, zero SPAM and total privacy.
Customers will be able to increase loyalty, reduce churn, cross-sell and
up-sell products and generate measurable incremental revenues. Flytxt will
execute on this expansion with its global development center and global support
center based out of India.


What are your new mobile offerings being
launched in India?


We will soon be announcing the deployment of our third
party mobile advertising solution, QREDA in India. This platform will enable
mobile operators to play a key transformational role in the mobile advertising
ecosystem by extending their key assets – subscriber data and reach – to
advertisers with complete security and total privacy. In addition, this
platform will allow advertisers to design, execute and measure mobile advertising
campaigns deriving high ROI and ensuring zero SPAM. It will allow the
advertiser to reach precisely targeted consumer segments based on multiple
characteristics like demographics, psychographics, location, and more. Mobile
operators can monetize their subscriber data and inventory better and evolve
themselves into a media company, rather than just being a pipe provider. We are
in talks with many brands, operators and advertising agencies in the Indian
region and then we would expand later to other markets. The product will be
deployed in coming months.


Are you offering anything for rural areas or
green technology for the mobile sector?


Especially in the telecom sector if you see, majority of
the subscribers are from rural areas. We are conscious of this fact and our
products are designed to be used over the internet from remote locations and
have a very easy-to-use interface, Plus, they all support regional languages.


What are your expansion and investment plans
in South East Asia, Africa and Bangladesh?


The mobile phone adoption in these countries is growing
at a fast pace and at the same time these markets are vastly unexplored in
terms of mobile marketing. The burgeoning subscriber base with varied customer
segmentation and diverse interests offer a huge scope for growth. We have
started working across the African continent and the Indian region since the
beginning of this year with Neon and we are currently introducing QREDA into
these markets also.


We would like to offer the full range of our product
portfolio to these countries so that all entities of the advertising ecosystem
can take advantage of our offerings including operators, brand advertisers as
well as marketers. We are currently in talks with some of the leading operators
in the region and we will very soon announce the names formally. We intend to
continue increasing our focus and presence on Africa and Indian region as well
as expand into South East Asia and Middle East. Towards this expansion we
intend to raise around $15 million to expand our business in these countries by
Q2/3 next year.


By Beryl M
[email protected]