Folio Investing selects Wi-Fi from Aerohive Networks


Aerohive Networks, the controller-less Wi-Fi and
cloud-enabled networking, announced that Folio Investing has selected Aerohive
to upgrade its corporate Wi-Fi solution and enhance collaboration among its
highly mobile employees. Aerohive was chosen for its strong security.


Folio Investing is a leading online brokerage whose
high-tech approach to investing is used by thousands of retail investors and
registered financial advisors. Folio’s flat-fee pricing plan allows investors
to buy, manage and rebalance a fully diversified portfolio without ever paying
trading commissions.


Folio Investing selected Aerohive
on the basis of its strong security for corporate employees and visitors
needing guest wireless access. A guest, or employee with a personal device, can
access the internet while remaining completely and securely segmented from the
corporate Wi-Fi and wired networks.


Folio learned about Aerohive through its VAR Alliance Technology,
while doing its due diligence in searching for a wireless network that would
best meet its needs. Other vendors were considered, but Aerohive’s
controller-less architecture was hands down the best choice.


With the wireless upgrade, Folio Investing’s network
reliably handles bandwidth-sensitive applications such as voice over Wi-Fi. For
example, the company is running Cisco’s voice over Wi-Fi solution on its
Aerohive WLAN, and it has loaded telephone software onto staff laptops.
Employees may take phone calls or participate in video chats from anywhere in
the building, streamlining the ease of collaboration.


Aerohive met all of our requirements – it was the best
for us in terms of cost and value add.The cost of installing everything is
modular with Aerohive, so we avoided that big up-front cost you get with the
controller-based vendors,” said Eric LeSatz, VP of Technical Operations, Folio


Aerohive’sHiveManager Network Management System (NMS) is
allowing us to control and manage the Wi-Fi, and to troubleshoot any problems
from a central location. We also can centrally manage APs and the process of
providing updates,” said Tim Reynolds, VP of Network and Infrastructure, Folio


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