Fortinet unveils FortiWeb 4.0 MR3 to strengthen web application protection

Fortinet, a network security provider and the unified
threat management (UTM) solutions, announced the release of its FortiWeb Web
application firewall (WAF) family for enterprises, application service,
software as a service (SaaS) and managed security service providers (MSSPs).

Fortinet’s Web application firewall appliances are the
industry’s first and only systems to integrate a Web vulnerability scanner and
advanced application load balancing features in a single device to
significantly reduce deployment times and resource utilization while improving
application performance.

Fortinet is also introducing the FortiWeb-3000CFsx appliance,
which now provides large enterprises, application service and cloud-based
service providers with enhanced performance through its fiber fail open

As an integrated WAF and Web vulnerability scanner,
FortiWeb 4.0 MR3 is ideal for organizations subject to Payment Card Industry
Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) 6.6, data breach notification requirements
such as California State Assembly Bill 1386 or HIPAA compliance.

For customers in need of assistance in protecting
critical Web applications from attacks such as SQL Injection and Cross-Site
Scripting, FortiWeb appliances leverage the built-in Web vulnerability scanner
to proactively identify and guard against potential data loss from Open Web
Application Security Program (OWASP) Top 10 attack profiles.

As part of this release, FortiWeb 4.0 MR3 features
advanced data compression capabilities to improve bandwidth utilization and
user response times, as well as the overall performance of application

For improved logging and reporting, FortiWeb is now fully
integrated with Fortinet’s FortiAnalyzer(TM) to provide a simplified means of
centrally managing all logs and reports from multiple FortiWeb devices.

Providing a new analytics interface, FortiWeb appliances
now feature tools to help customers understand Web application usage using
different vectors such as number of requests, data transferred and attack types
all mapped to their geographic location.

New alert enhancements are also included, enabling
security administrators to receive email and alert notifications for a variety
of conditions such as low system resources, server health issues and session

The FortiWeb family also features an updated and
simplified user interface that emulates the FortiGate(TM) consolidated security
appliances from Fortinet. As a result, system configuration is greatly
simplified and key usability features such as error page customization are

Our worldwide customer base has made it clear that Web
application protection is a very high priority,” said Michael Xie, founder, CTO
and vice president of engineering, Fortinet.

At the same time, given IT and security resource
constraints, we are hearing loud and clear the need to consolidate key
functionality into a single, multi-purpose appliance that can be managed on a
unified basis for deployment simplicity, optimal data protection and maximum
resource utilization. The introduction of our new FortiWeb product family
underscores our commitment to meeting global customer demands,” Xie added.

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