Free conference calling services save consumers $656 million


Free conference calling services are currently saving
consumers at least $656 million annually. According to TeleSpan Publishing
Corp, free toll conference calls are growing at five times the rate of
fee-based toll conferencing services that companies like Verizon and AT&T


People from all over the world from cities to rural
areas, small business executives to non-profit organizations and individuals –
are using free conferencing services to do everything from conducting their day
to day business to planning family reunions and they are saving over a half a
billion dollars a year,” said David Erickson, founder and CEO of


The tremendous growth of the industry is directly tied
to these savings, as consumers realize that there is no need to pay extra for a
conference call when they can get the same quality and reliable service for the
cost of a regular call,” Erikson added.


A recent TeleSpan Publishing Corp report found that last
year, consumers spent 9.3 billion minutes on free conference calls and 45.3 billion minutes on paid conference calls. The paid calls cost
consumers $3.2 billion a year (an average of $.0706 per minute), which explains
why free conference calls are growing at five times the rate of paid calls.


Approximately 15-20 million consumers, including
businesses, individuals, non-profit organizations, church groups, government
agencies, and other organizations in the United States and internationally, use to communicate every month.


Many of’s customers migrated
from the larger providers that charge for the same services (carriers like
AT&T, Verizon, and their subsidiaries or partners). Many other customers
would never have made a conference call because of the cost particularly small
businesses, non-profits, and individuals – but now do because of the savings.


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