Fujitsu unveils LEGEND-V, new IP-PBX Enterprise Telephony System

Telecom Lead Team:
Fujitsu has released
Enterprise Telephony System LEGEND-V, a new IP-PBX product for building
IP-based enterprise telephony systems.


The new Telephony System includes redundancy and a host
of functions to enhance reliability and minimize the impact that power outages
or system failures may have on businesses.


The product can cover from 400 to 16,000 extensions and
allows customers to reap benefit of scalable IP telephony system that can work
with multiple carriers and trunk interface circuits.


Fujitsu has developed the Enterprise Telephoney System
LEGEND-V IP-PBX to help ensure business continuity even in the face of
infrastructure failures.


The Enterprise Telephoney System LEGEND-V IP- IP-PBX helps
in minimizing business impact of network or system failures.


The system come equipped with a host of features that
ensure reliability and allow highly granular settings for maintaining
operational continuity during system failures. These minimize the impact that
network or system failures can have, and help businesses avoid missed


The system offers “IP Remote Shelf” for
centralized management of telephony systems at multiple sites, allows for
backup servers to be designated at multiple sites, permitting business
continuity from other sites during network failures.


Furthermore, the new system is able to handle up to
16,000 extensions (compared to the 6400 extensions typical of earlier models).


Customers using Fujitsu’s IP telephony system can
continue to use their existing line sets, handsets, and PHS phones for the
duration of their maintenance and support contract.


The system can accommodate a wide range of carriers,
including the Hikari Denwa Office A (Ace) service from NTT East Japan and NTT
West Japan, KDDI’s IP telephony service (Hikari Direct), and Fujitsu’s own
FENICS IP Telephony Service, and trunk interface circuits, including analog,
digital, and IP.


Recently, Fujitsu
Semiconductor Wireless Products launched MB86L11A, a single-chip transceiver
2G/3G/4G mobile products. 


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