Genband, Acme Packet to benefit from Femtocell security gateway market

Consumer femtocells are expected to account for the bulk
of the market. But in the femtocell core network, enterprise will play a bigger
role, according to ABI Research.

Those revenues will be garnered by Genband, Acme Packet,
Stoke, Intellinet, Huawei, Alcatel Lucent, Cisco and other key security gateway
vendors who make up the market.

Some of the larger end-to-end femto suppliers are
starting to consider partnering for security gateways. This is beneficial for
independent vendors such as Genband, Acme Packet, Stoke and IntelliNet.

Femtocell core networks are based on user capacity rather
than access point deployments, and the number of enterprise femtocell users is
expected to be far greater than consumer femtocell users.

While the femtocell access point vendors are
concentrating on the consumer femtocell market (driven by access point
volumes), the femtocell gateway vendors need to focus on the enterprise market.
They should consider building partnerships that focus on that segment and allow
them to tune and enhance their products’ capabilities for the enterprise,” said
Aditya Kaul, practice director, mobile networks, ABI Research.

Of the current 70+ contracts, ABI Research has
counted at least 15 pure enterprise femtocell contracts, with 25 contracts
being a mix of residential and enterprise femtocells. Enterprise femtos are to
make up 36 percent of shipments by 2016 which relates to 50 percent of security
gateway revenues.

ABI Research’s new Femtocell Gateways” study
focuses on some of the key product and deployment trends for femtocell core
gateways, and provides strategic recommendations for vendors in this
marketplace. It also includes forecasts and sizing for the security gateway

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