Genuitec unveils MobiOne2.0 M1 for cross platform development

Telecom Lead America: Genuitec has released MobiOne
2.0 M1 with Android developer tools. The new release is an addition to the
company’s cross-platform mobile development platform. The 
MobiOne 2.0 M1 will be available after April 19.


Users can go from concept to a deployed app in minutes
using MobiOne’s intuitive user interface (UI) design center. MobiOne’s
cloud-based, one-click deployment wizard and its test center workbench give
customers the most robust app development solution on the market.


According to ComScore, Android and iOS make up 80 percent
of the US smartphone market. The company said that anyone can design an app
once and deploy it anywhere on the two most popular mobile platforms – iOS and


MobiOne’s approach to creating great looking apps and
webapps is founded on our smart use of HTML5 technologies. Users are frequently
‘wowed’ when they see the level of sophistication they can create with MobiOne
using well established Web technologies. Easy-to-use technology has enabled
MobiOne adoption among marketing departments, finance firms, medical service
and field operation organizations, schools, and enterprises,” said Wayne
Parrott, vice president of product development for Genuitec.


The company further added that it believes that everyone
should have access to cross-platform development tools that make app
development simple, intuitive and fast.


The company said that Microsoft Windows users now can
design and build App Store-ready iOS apps without using a Mac, which means
there are no longer the additional, expensive requirements to own a Mac
computer or learn Objective-C (Apple’s language) in order to design world-class
apps that operate natively on iOS devices.


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