GigOptix starts Production Order for HXT/R4 Chip-Set For Use in 40G Active Optical Cable Application

GigOptix, a supplier of electronic
and electro-optic components that enable 40G and 100G optical networks,
announced that a Taiwanese optical engine manufacturer entered production with
GigOptix’s HXT/R4 chip-set for use in a 40G Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable
(QSFP) Active Optical Cable (AOC) application.

GigOptix’s HXT/R4 chip-set
has been designed to support multiple applications ranging from 5Gb/s to 10Gb/s
per channel. The advanced feature set of the HXT/R4 family enables customers to
optimize the trade-off between power dissipation and performance of the optical


This has been successfully
demonstrated by transmitting data over a 100m link with less than 100mW total
power dissipation. Moreover, GigOptix‘s unique
architecture enables customers to examine the detailed status of their product
after the fiber has been attached.


This functionality allows customers
to more easily test and monitor the operation of the VCSEL and Photo Diode (PD)
devices within the optical engine leading to significant cost savings.


We believe that our HXT/R4 chip-set
will be key to enabling 40G optical engines for the high volume supercomputing
and consumer markets. We are very excited to work with pioneering companies
using innovative silicon bench technology along with our VCSEL driver and
receiver array chip-set to take their solutions to production,” said Jay de la
Barre, vice president of Global Sales, GigOptix.


The HXT/R4 chip-set is designed for
use in Infiniband AOC, SNAP12 and QSFP optical modules while serving the fast
growing markets of high performance computing optical interconnects, switch and
router optical backplanes and the emerging 40G and 100G Ethernet standards.


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