Givaudan selects Orange Business Services for network acceleration


Givaudan announced it has selected Orange Business Services for network acceleration. A long-term customer, Givaudan is using the Business Acceleration network optimization strategy and Riverbed-based Enterprise Application Management from Orange Business Services.



Orange is operating Givaudan’s global wide area network connecting 130 network points of presence in 82 locations and 45 countries. Givaudan has faced a steadily increasing need for network bandwidth for years. As a result, the company was considering the introduction of network acceleration solutions. The worldwide implementation of a new global document management platform and the potential for performance issues, particularly for remote locations, triggered a network improvement study.


Orange Business Services presented acceleration capabilities on various applications and proposed a Proof of Concept to test the Riverbed Steelhead-based solution, an award-winning product designed to overcome performance and latency issues.



We decided to choose Orange Business Services based on the excellent Proof of Concept. Orange is a trusted advisor in a long-term partnership and provides broad expertise in the Enterprise Application Management solution from Riverbed. We don’t need higher bandwidths, because certain applications in particular are much faster now and are no longer a bottleneck in productivity,” said Jean-Yves Benedeyt, IT global infrastructure manager, Givaudan.



The network optimization strategy from Orange Business Services proved to Givaudan that not only could its actual issue with the new document management platform be solved, but also most of its other business applications could be accelerated and optimized.



Orange provided a fully managed, global acceleration solution that is a natural extension of Givaudan’s IP VPN including deployment and management of Riverbed Steelheads on 74 sites around the world.



Orange Business Services offers managed optimization solutions at global level to meet two key business drivers – tangible cost savings for customers and increasing business productivity. We have extensive experience in helping customers to optimize their network resources and to improve the performance of their applications which will increase end-user productivity and optimize user experience,” said Helmut Reisinger, senior vice president, Europe, Orange Business Services.



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