Global communications servers market to reach $2.72 billion by 2017

by the telecommunication industry’s march towards newer next-generation
networks and communication standards, standards based communications servers
market is projected to reach $2.72 billion by the year 2017, according to
Global Industry Analysts.

in demand for unified communications servers as a result of the growing
adoption of unified communications technology in new-age enterprises augurs
well for the market.

servers are indispensable as they provide a universal platform for a broad
range of communication applications. The benefits/features/advantages rendered
by these servers have helped shape the concept of global communications in the
21st century.

servers, for instance, provide the basis around which network infrastructure
elements are designed, architectured, and built. Large-scale adoptions by
telecommunications equipment manufacturers/vendors in order to support,
introduce, and deliver multiple platforms, applications, and services continue
to drive demand for communications servers.

standards based communication servers in this regard allows equipment providers
to add value at multiple levels in the system architecture.

contrast to conventional proprietary platforms where R&D efforts are spent
on undifferentiated development, communications servers enable vendors to offer
differentiated, high value-added applications and earn higher returns on

need to enhance engineering efficiencies, productivity and simultaneously
reduce costs will therefore drive demand in the marketplace.

the financial crisis led economic slowdown negatively impacting every company’s
IT structure, the global standards based communication servers significantly
weakened during 2008 and 2009.

an important component of the mobile network core, demand for communication
servers weakened under the financial pressure exerted by the stressed economic
climate. Budgetary constraints, lack of capital for investments in IT assets
and the general strategy of doing more with less”, took its toll on the
market, as spends on IT equipments took a dizzy fall.

market took a double blow with the slowing down of the Unified Communications
(UC) market, which reeled under the impact of dampened enterprise communication

business prospects for UC as a result of the careful measures taken up by
companies to stem any further delay in investing on efficiency-enhancing
solutions will help support growth in the standards based communications
servers market over the next few years.

importance and role of communications servers is expected to further expand as
the telecommunications industry migrates onto newer next-generation networks.

demand for communications servers from telecommunications equipment
manufacturers (TEMs) is forecasted, guided by advantages, such as, cost
efficiencies and faster time to market benefits.

competition intensifies in the telecommunication equipment market, the need of
the hour is a proven universally applicable carrier grade platform that
effectively reduces the development cycle.

communications servers, given their ability to support a wide gamut of
communication applications, such as, MMS, unified communications, voice, IMS,
XoIP, push-to-talk, IPTV, among others, is poised to benefit.

stated by the new market research report on Standards Based Communications
Servers, the US represents the largest regional market. Asia-Pacific is the
fastest growing regional market for standards based communications servers,
waxing at a CAGR of more than 13% over the analysis period.

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