Global Holdings to acquire Worldwide Wireless


Global Holdings announced that they will acquire Houston
based Worldwide Wireless. Worldwide Wireless currently repairs and restores
personal electronic devices.


The company began over 10 years ago repairing BlackBerry
devices exclusively. Their immediate plans are to expand their operations to
repair iPhones, iPads, Android based devices and gaming systems such as the
Nintendo DSi and Sony PlayStation PSP.


The market for this company is huge when the average
household has any number of these devices lying around and especially in
regards to the Apple products, there is no warranty that guarantees replacement
if they break by accident.


“We promised our shareholders a boost in revenue six
months ago and with this important acquisition we can expect revenues in excess
of $350,000 from repairs, referrals, and prospective contracts with major firms
who allow employees ‘company phones’ and other devices. We are also very
excited about the plans to service multiple, high-demand devices like the
iPhone,” said Terrance Tecco, CEO of Global Holdings.


By Team
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