Global Telesat to offer satellite tracking capabilities for yachts in Ecker 1,000 Miles Race

Telecom Lead America: Global Telesat (GTC) has been
selected to provide satellite tracking capabilities for yachts participating in
the Ecker 1,000 Miles Race between Zadar, Croatia and Alanya, Turkey.

As part of the agreement, GTC will supply satellite
tracking devices, satellite airtime and online mapping capabilities to locate
and monitor the movements of the participating yachts as they race the 1,000
miles between the starting and finish lines.

GTC’s mapping portal is designed to enable the tracking
devices to be visually located and monitored by the race marshals in near
real-time from a PC or mobile device via a Google Maps interface in addition to
providing historic data showing past movements of the yachts.

The company will offer this locational information
through a public website during the race for spectators and race teams to view.

GTC will leverage a combination of the GPS and Globalstar
satellite networks. Moreover, the tracking devices provided by GTC will send
one-way predefined messages with their respective GPS locations and will also
monitor and transmit engine and transmission data to ensure that strict race
guidelines for engine operating times are maintained by the yacht skippers
throughout the race.

This year’s Ecker Yachting race begins on Saturday,
October 13, 2012, in Zadar, Croatia and currently has approximately 70 yachts
registered to participate.

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