Google+ and Apple iCloud bring mobile platform battle to cloud


Apple and Google are accelerating their lead in mobile by
redefining mobile app engagement, loyalty, and cloud connectivity through their
new Google+ and iCloud offerings, according to a survey by Appcelerator and
International Data Corporation.


Developers also indicate that they see Apple and Google
gains in the consumer application space translating into significant traction
in the enterprise space over time.


“Google and Apple are pushing mobile competition
beyond OS platforms into the cloud and into social integration,” said
Scott Ellison, IDC VP Mobile and Consumer Connected Platforms.


“This means even broader battles with major players
like Amazon and Facebook, creating new competitive complexities and
opportunities going forward for everyone in the mobile ecosystem,” Ellison


New Apple and Google Announcements Put Mobile Cloud
Opportunity on the Map. As mobile app and platform leadership continues to coalesce around Apple and
Google, both players are leveraging their strengths into the cloud in
different, but compelling new ways that are likely to generate long-term value
and competitive differentiation for each of their respective ecosystems.


Apple and Google’s strengths in the mobile consumer space
are clearly making inroads in developer perceptions of the enterprise arena.
When asked which platform is best positioned to win in the enterprise,
respondents were evenly divided between iOS and Android at 44 percent each.
Only 7 percent believe Windows Phone has a shot, 4 percent for BlackBerry, and
2 percent for webOS.


Appcelerator and
note that enterprises are taking a more cautious approach with Android at scale
due to security concerns in which case they are looking to Apple when they go
beyond BlackBerry and Windows mobile deployments.


In the near to medium-term, despite being equivalent from
a developer perception-standpoint, Apple is leading with CIOs today when it
comes to mobile deployments beyond Microsoft and RIM.


As OSes and consumer expectations mature, the app” is
undergoing a transformation. Applications are becoming more engaging with
real-time notifications, social, local context, and always-on cloud
connectivity becoming the norm.


That upstarts” iCloud and Google+ can challenge
entrenched players Amazon and Facebook shows how quickly these new capabilities
will shake up what’s possible in mobile.


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