Google upgrades mapping service, aims to vie with Apple

Telecom Lead America: In order to woo users and swipe
back at Apple, Internet giant Google is upgrading mapping services with several
new features.


The company is upgrading its service to compete with
Apple, which already disclosed its plans to introduce a mapping application
next week that will come pre-installed on its iPhones and iPad tablets,
replacing Google Maps.


The introduction of mapping application will end its
five-year partnership with Google’s mobile maps next week.


The relationship between these former allies has been
degenerating into a bitter rivalry since Google’s 2008 release of Android to
compete the iPhone.


Map services are part of Google’s effort to widen its
lead as the largest U.S. provider of online mapping.


I’m very proud of Google Maps services and they’re
available basically on all devices today. We’ll continue to make Google Maps
services as widely available as possible,” said  Brian McClendon, vice
president of engineering for Google Maps.


Rita Chen, product manager for Google Maps for Mobile
said that the new mapping option will allow users to select a portion of a map
when the device is online that can later be used when the device is no longer
connected to the Web.


Google will offer street view upgrades for its mapping
service. This has been one of the most requested features, and is coming soon,”
Chen said.


Google offered the service as an experimental feature for
Android last year. Google also announced improvements for Street View, which
features photos of roads and byways around the world.


The company said that it will incorporate images taken
with other devices. Google photographers will begin using backpack-like
machines to take pictures of more obscure places.


The company has also added more detail to the satellite
images that are part of its Earth for Mobile tools. The service will give more
nuanced and accurate images for places as varied as highways and baseball


Google buys Motorola Mobility, Sanjay Jha resigned


Recently, Google completed the acquisition of Motorola
Mobility Holdings for $40 per share in cash.


The $12 billion acquisition will enable search engine and
mobile/tablet OS giant Google to supercharge the Android ecosystem and will
enhance competition in mobile computing.


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