GPS Intelligence launches new commercial GPS tracking division

GPS Intelligence, a company that brought CovertTrack GPS
Tracking products to Law Enforcement, announced the launch of a line of
professional grade GPS tracking products to commercial users.

Private Investigative, Corporate Security and Loss
Prevention professionals now have a quality choice for genuine,
professional-grade GPS tracking products, to bolster surveillance and loss
prevention operations.

Our commercial tracking products represent an immense
asset to security industries. They provide users state-of-the-art technology
with professional-grade quality, while designed for extended heavy and repeated
use,” said Kirk Waltz, commercial sales manager.

The company’s commercial tracking products include
devices of varying design and size, with features suitable for multiple
applications including fleet tracking, asset tracking and people tracking.

Highlights of available tracking features include exclusively designed covert
casings, live tracking at intervals as low as 5 seconds, locate anytime
ability, 3D motion sensing, proximity alerts, geo-fence boundary alerts,
battery condition alerts, tamper alerts, indoor tracking, weather-resistant
designs, SMS and email alerts, with devices available in both hardwired and
battery-operated designs.

GPS Intelligence has also developed a custom online
tracking interface, known as CovertTrack, to provide real-time aerial mapping
of people, assets and vehicles. The world-class tracking features found on the
site are convenient and easy-to-use, with satellite or map-view tracking
displayed down to sub-minute intervals, on any internet accessible computer or
pda-style cell phone.

By Team
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