Greenpeace Effect : 16,000 mobile users send mail to Bharti Airtel chairman

Disappointed over breakdown of talks between Greenpeace
and telecom giant Bharti Airtel after the latter backtracked from its earlier
assurance of committing to a timeline for disclosing carbon emission and a
clean energy roadmap, about 16,000 mobile users across India have sent e-mails
to its Sunil Bharti Mittal.

In the mails, the consumers have urged him to come out
clean on Airtel’s energy policy and commit to a timeline for the disclosure of
its carbon emission and clean energy roadmap now. Instead of responding
positively to the mails and making these announcements, the company chose to
block the mails.

In his latest letter addressed to the Bharti Airtel
chairman, Greenpeace India executive director Samit Aich reminded Mittal of his
responsibility as a market leader in critical times of runaway climate change,
and the significant influence he has in creating a massive shift towards clean
energy pathway.

It is an opportunity for Bharti Airtel to set an example
for others to follow. Such initiatives will create a win-win situation both in
favor of business and the environment at large.

“It is unfortunate that Bharti Airtel backtracked from its promise thereby
resulting in a roadblock in creating a level of trust between Bharti Airtel and
Greenpeace towards finding a solution to the reeling climate crisis.” said
Mrinmoy Chattaraj, Campaigner, Greenpeace India.

For the last two months, Greenpeace has been urging
Airtel to publicly disclose the carbon emissions of its entire business
operation and establish progressive emission reduction targets.

Commit to shift the sourcing of 50 percent of its energy requirements towards
renewable energy sources and phase out diesel use in its business operations by
2015.Catalyse a low-carbon economy wide growth, by using its brand power to
advocate for strong policies that promote renewable energy.

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