GreenPeak expands product portfolio with new radio chips to flourish into Smart Home market

Telecom Lead America:  GreenPeak Technologies, a
Smart Home RF communications semiconductor company, is expanding its product
portfolio with the roll out of new radio chips that support the full range
of ZigBee networking technologies including ZigBee Pro, ZigBee IP,
RF4CE and ZigBee Green Power.

The company has said that its ZigBee chips are already
integrated into leading cable industry set-top boxes to enable power saving and
long range RF based connections for remote controls.


Cees Links, Founder and CEO of GreenPeak
Technologies that by working closely with the leading operators and their
suppliers, the company will enable the Smart Home market with Smart Home
enabled set-top boxes/gateways.


The company will also provide solutions for devices
that will connect to the Smart Home, including home security, home care,
appliances, energy monitoring and control.


Links said once these systems are connected to the
set-top box /gateway, operators will be enabled to provide the Fifth Play
services for the Smart Home.


He also added that the first phase of the Smart Home has
begun with proprietary stand-alone applications, like stand-alone thermostats,
wired security devices, IR-remote controls.


The second phase of Smart Home will begin when these
devices migrate to using the open ZigBee standard based communication
technology and connect via the set-top box to the Internet.


The company reckons that cable operators will play an
essential role in augmenting the growth of the Smart Home market, which is
known as Fifth Play.


Cable operators can now expand their four current
offerings (telephone, TV, internet and cellular service) to their customers
with new Smart Home service offerings, using their presence in the home with a
set-top box or gateway as the starting point.


The company said that the Fifth Play will create new
revenue opportunities for cable operators and service providers.


GreenPeak unveils GP570 chip for smart and low cost ZigBee
RF4CE motion sense remote controls


In January, GreenPeak Technologies launched its GP570
chip that will allow the development of low cost motion-enabled remote


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