Guohe Ad releases mobile ad infographics for China

China’s largest mobile ad mediation platform, Guohe Ad,
released the first infographics for the rapidly growing China mobile ad market.

The infographics depict important data points of the
emerging China mobile ad market in the first half of 2011. As smartphones like
iPhone and Android phones quickly get adopted by millions of users in China,
advertising on mobile phones is becoming an increasingly efficient approach to
engage with China’s young affluent consumers.

In the infographics, Guohe demonstrates that mobile ads
are received primarily in the hours after lunch or dinner with a high
engagement ratio.

“We believe that there is a prime time for mobile
advertising, like the one on TV. We also noticed that mobile advertising can be
a strong addition to social / location-based campaigns in terms of time
coverage. We have made such recommendations to our clients to strategize and
integrate their social and mobile marketing campaigns to maximize their
results,” said Ron Zhang, marketing director of Guohe Ad.

The infographics were extracted from billions of data
points which Guohe has built from its ad mediation platform.

“We look at this data everyday trying to understand
the development of the eco-system and to improve our product and technology.
 It is critical that we open access to this research to help foster the
growth and further identify patterns that will be valuable to the entire mobile
advertising industry,” said Daniel Chen, director of Product and Technology at
Guohe Ad.

Guohe has partnered with 13 major ad networks globally to
date and is planning to expand its service to provide better coverage.

The patterns presented in Guohe’s data research are not
uniquely applicable to the China mobile ad market. Global publishers and
advertisers could learn from the trends in China and make calibrated decisions
for their own mobile ad plans by leveraging sophisticated targeting and format
options provided by mobile ad platforms to increase accuracy and audience

By Team
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