Haier taps Ozmo to unveil Wi-Fi Direct Peripherals for Smart TVs

Telecom Lead Asia: Haier Group has partnered with Ozmo
Devices, a provider of ultra-low power Wi-Fi Personal Area Networks (Wi-Fi
PAN), to develop Ozmo-based Wi-Fi direct peripherals for its new line of Smart

Peter Mortenson, marketing director at Haier, said that
the Ozmo solution will allow Haier’s next generation of Smart TVs to leverage
the existing internal Wi-Fi radio for use by new peripherals like remote
controls, game controllers, voice and audio headsets and other wireless devices
that will improve the interaction between the device, the TV screen and its

Ozmo claims that its Wi-Fi Direct technology uses the Wi-Fi
adapter, already included in the TV, set-top box, Blu-Ray, PC or mobile device,
which helps in eliminating the need to add another RF module to the platform.

With the elimination of the need to add another RF
module, platform developer can avoid costly hardware and software complications
associated with Bluetooth, RF4CE, or other proprietary short-range RF

Bill McLean, CEO of Ozmo Devices said that the new
applications for Wi-Fi connected Smart TVs are making it imperative for
interactive set-top box and TV manufacturers to adopt high-performance
technologies like Wi-Fi PAN.

Wi-Fi Direct is the software-based extension of standard
Wi-Fi, which allows Wi-Fi devices to communicate directly without the need for
an access point or router.

The Wi-Fi adapter in the TV can concurrently supply an
Internet connection and also multiple Wi-Fi Direct connections to peripherals
such as a TV remote or microphone.

Ozmo further claims that Wi-Fi technology embodied in the
OZMO2000 chip the ideal solution for Smart TV developers.

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