Harris and VMware to offer enterprise cloud to federal and commercial users


Corporation and VMware have announced that Harris’ Trusted Enterprise Cloud is
available as a VMware vCloud Powered service offering for federal and
enterprise customers.


as vCloud Powered is based on Harris’ use of VMware virtualization software
combined with Harris’ innovative engineering, unique cyber integration
capabilities, and patented trust enablement technologies.


Harris Trusted Enterprise Cloud is engineered to meet or exceed the cloud computing
requirements of the U.S. Federal Government, including NIST 800-53 High, FISMA,
and S-CAP. A key differentiator for the service is Harris’ patented trust
enablement technology, which includes the Global Trust Repository and the
Enterprise Trust Server.


technologies provide pervasive monitoring, continuous assurance, and supply
chain attestation that the software and configurations in the cloud environment
are deployed and operating according to specification and have not been


guidelines including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
and the recent TechAmerica CLOUD report are critical to the adoption of cloud
computing and are fundamental to Harris’ Trusted Enterprise Cloud
service,” said Wyatt Starnes, vice president, Advanced Concepts, Harris
Cyber Integrated Solutions, and CLOUD commissioner.


Enterprise Cloud is based on the latest technology from VMware, including
VMware vSphere and vCloud Director, which enable Harris to deliver a robust,
flexible, and secure cloud service for the most demanding industries.


computing is a top priority for CIOs of commercial and government IT
organizations,” said Aileen Black, vice president, public sector, VMware.


its Trusted Enterprise Cloud and its leading position as a cyber integrator,
Harris works closely with government and commercial organizations to help them
move their IT and business operations to the cloud – whether they are private,
hybrid, or public.


Harris Corporation recently introduced
the Harris MBC-100 mobile subscriber device for high-bandwidth applications
over 700 MHz LTE networks.  


MBC-100 provides first responders with the capability for simultaneous use of
high-bandwidth mobile applications, including secure streaming live video
feeds, access to public safety databases, mobile productivity applications and
geo-location information.


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