Harris bags $10.7 million order from Brazilian ministry of defence for falcon radios

Telecom Lead Team:
Harris Corporation has received orders
totaling $10.7 million from the Federative Republic of Brazil for Falcon III
VHF Combat Net Radios and Falcon III Secure Personal Radios (SPR) to support a
wide range of mission requirements.

is acquiring the Harris RF-7800V vehicular radio system and RF-7800S SPR to
provide its armed forces with advanced voice and high-speed data communication
capabilities. The RF-7800V system, for use in tanks, transport and other
vehicles, delivers range, data speeds and throughput that are unmatched by any
other combat net radio on the market.

RF-7800S is a wideband networking radio designed for the emerging demands for
voice, data and situational awareness at the soldier level. Harris received the
orders from Brazil’s Center for Communications and Electronic Warfare

RF-7800V and RF-7800S will provide Brazil’s Army with secure voice and
high-bandwidth data applications such as video combat chat. Both radios enable
end-to-end solutions that address requirements for real-time, mission-critical
information on the battlefield. Harris is proud to work with the Brazilian
armed forces on its tactical radio modernization needs,” said Julio Villafane,
regional managing director, Caribbean and Latin America Region, Harris RF Communications.

RF-7800V family covers the 30 MHz to 108 MHz frequency range and supports data
rates up to 192 Kbps. The RF-7800V provides time-critical BMS reports, while
delivering networked voice and data communications to multiple users. The
RF-7800V offers Free-Channel Search and dual push-to-talk capabilities for
enhanced agility in high-noise or jammed environments.

RF-7800S is a lightweight soldier system radio that offers full-duplex voice,
dual push-to-talk capabilities and data rates up to 256 Kbps. The radio allows
simultaneous communication for voice, data and video with listeners over a
range of more than two kilometers.

for maximum performance across highly variable environments, the RF-7800S
secure personal role radio provides continuous coverage in the 350 to 450 MHz
frequency range. The RF-7800S secure personal radio has been adopted as the
standardized personal radio platform for multiple soldier modernization
programs around the world.

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