Harris Farm improves customer service with Juniper Networks solutions


Juniper Networks announced that Harris Farm Markets,
Australia’s first fruit and vegetable supermarket chain, is driving operational
efficiency and stepping up its customer service with the deployment of an
integrated Juniper-based networking solution for its stores and warehouses.


The solution, based around Juniper Networks SRX Series
Services Gateways and running on the Junos operating system, provides the company
with a secure and cost-effective network to support its point-of-sale and
inventory management applications.


Deployment of the new network infrastructure at Harris
Farm Markets is part of an IT upgrade program at 23 store and warehouse
locations across New South Wales.


The company deployed SRX Series Services Gateways to
integrate routing, switching and advanced security, with Juniper Networks AX411
Wireless Access Points used to support hand-held devices and CX111 Cellular
Broadband Data Bridges to provide automatic fail-over to 3G wireless data
connections if problems arise with the primary WAN link.


“We originally scoped the branch network for
ourselves but IBM proposed a more cost-effective and functionally superior
solution,” said Ian Lapid, IT manager, Harris Farm Markets.


The Juniper SRX Series consolidates enterprise-grade
routing, switching and security on a single device, which reduced Harris Farm
Markets capital cost. The Junos software delivers a level of functionality well
in excess of what it had originally envisioned, whilst allowing to simplify
network management, which in turn reduces its operational costs.


Within Harris Farm Markets’ sites, Juniper SRX240 Service
Gateways are the network hub, providing firewall and connecting over an IP-VPN
WAN to the head office, supporting point-of-sale devices through Ethernet
connections, VoIP and remote management of the Juniper Networks AX411 Wireless
Access Points.


The CX111 Cellular Broadband Data Bridge can establish a
high-speed 3G data link back to head office in a few seconds, creating carrier
and media diversity that eliminates the risk of service outages due to carrier
WAN issues.


“It’s within the branches and on the shop floor
where companies like Harris Farm Markets meet their customers and generate
revenue. That means they need networking that is every bit as good as the head
office, which is what the Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways and
their wireless LAN and WAN extensions are designed to achieve,” said Mark
Iles, vice president, Juniper Networks.


SRX Series Services Gateways for the branch are secure
routers that deliver essential capabilities to connect, secure, and manage work
force locations sized from dozens to hundreds of users.


By leveraging Juniper Networks advanced ASIC technology
for content security acceleration and the Junos operating system they provide
content security, access control, and network-wide threat visibility and
control together with firewall and VPN technologies that secure the perimeter
with minimal configuration and consistent performance.


Juniper Networks recently announced
that Youku.com, China’s Internet television company, has deployed a new
Juniper-based Ethernet switching infrastructure running on the Junos operating
system in its data center and Content Delivery Network caching points across
the country.


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]