Haruyama Trading Company deploys Socket Mobile barcode scanners for retail POS


Socket Mobile, an innovative provider of mobile
productivity solutions, announced that Haruyama Trading Company, a specialty
clothing chain in Japan, will deploy Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand
Scanner (CHS) Series 7 at its retail stores.


Socket CHS is using the
barcode scanner with the Apple iPad in the retail industry. The barcode
scanners were supplied by CF Company, an exclusive distributor of Socket Mobile
products in Japan.


“Using the CHS with the Apple iPad enables sales
associates at Haruyama Trading Company to not only process transactions
anywhere in a store but also check out items faster,” said Mamoru Tadaki,
president of CF Company.


“In the past, handwritten invoices required 10
minutes per customer to complete, but now with the CHS, sales staff can quickly
scan price tags and customer loyalty cards, resulting in significantly reduced
wait times,” Tadaki added.


The CHS Series 7 provides commercial-grade rapid and
robust barcode scanning to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices as well as
Android, BlackBerry and Windows based platforms.


Besides mobile POS, sales associates can use the CHS and
iPad to look up customer rewards status and to show multimedia product
presentations in the pre-sales process.


“As the Apple iPad quickly gains traction in the
retail industry, there is increasing need for a fast, easy-to-use barcode
scanner for Apple devices that is also aesthetically pleasing around
customers,” said Dave Bledsoe, senior data collection product manager at
Socket Mobile.


“Using the CHS with an Apple iPad not only
enables retailers to enhance customer service and improve store operations, but
also promote a positive image, especially important in the style-conscious
fashion industry,” Bledsoe added.


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]