Hibernia Atlantic and Huawei complete 100 GBPS transatlantic trial

Hibernia Atlantic, the US owned, transatlantic high bandwidth connectivity
provider, Huawei, and Huawei Marine, a submarine solutions supplier, announced
the completion of the first 100G transatlantic connection between Halifax, Nova
Scotia in Canada to Southport, England.

This is the highest capacity connection ever transmitted across the Atlantic
Ocean. The success of this trial is allowing the companies to move forward on
their aggressive deployment schedule, including 100 Gbps connections between
Halifax and Montreal and between Amsterdam and London by Q1 2012, followed by
other key routes later in the year.

The trial involved Huawei’s 100 Gbps single wavelength coherent technology. This Optical Interoperability
Forum standards compliant technology utilizes innovative Digital Signal
Processing algorithms and next generation Forward Error Correction enabling
high capacity transport across transatlantic distances.

In addition to performing across distances greater than 5,000 km, the trial
demonstrated long-term, error-free transmission at 100Gbps. Additionally,
transmission with existing Huawei 40 Gbps wavelengths at 50 GHz spacing was
achieved, allowing for a smooth and seamless bandwidth upgrade.

“In partnership with Hibernia Atlantic, Huawei has developed the OptiX products
with 100 Gbps capability to address exponentially increasing bandwidth demand
driven by cutting-edge data services and high definition video,” said Charlie
Chen, senior vice president of Marketing for Huawei Technologies USA.

Huawei also demonstrated co-propagation of 100 Gbps wavelengths at 50 GHz
spacing which enables future upgrades of subsea capacities up to 5 Tbps.

This 100 Gbps technology is available on Huawei’s OptiX product series which is
a next generation, intelligent, Optical Transport Network platform scalable to
over 6 Tbps of switching capacity.
Hibernia Atlantic is using this equipment to upgrade their existing secure and
diverse cable system.

“Additional capacity to our existing network system will provide the
ability to meet the growing service needs of our clients,” said Bjarni
Thorvardarson, chief executive officer for Hibernia Atlantic.

The carrier, multi-media and enterprise industries all require high capacity at
the 100 Gbps level to ensure high performance data transmissions.

In addition, Hibernia Atlantic is deploying Project Express, the first
transatlantic, fiber optic cable with the shortest latency in history at sub 60
milliseconds roundtrip.

By Telecomlead.com Team

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