Huawei and Beltelecom test 100G coherent transmission on Beltelecom’s live network

Huawei announced that it tested the first 100G coherent transmission on the
live network of Beltelecom, a telecom operator of the Republic of Belarus.

The trial was performed on a link in the Beltelecom backbone wavelength-division
multiplexing network that connects Russia and Poland and travels across
Belarus. During the trial, 100G services were transmitted together with
existing 10G and 40G services over the same fiber, while achieving
non-regeneration transmission over a distance of 900 kilometers.

Beltelecom had been facing several challenges in meeting the increasing demands
for FTTx bandwidth access services and international bandwidth leasing

Though ample 10G and 40G services had been deployed on the network using
Huawei’s OTN devices, the demand on Beltelecom’s network necessitated 100G
ultra-high speed transmissions to effectively expand the network’s capacity.

To meet this need, Huawei and Beltelecom deployed this 100G coherent
transmission test on Beltelecom’s WDM network.

During the testing process, Huawei used the ePDM-QPSK modulation technique,
which is recognized as the single best modulation technique for 100G long-haul

Without making any changes to the live Beltelecom network, Huawei achieved
transmissions of 10G, 40G, and 100G services over the same fiber, enabling
every wavelength in the network to carry 100G services without adversely
affecting existing 10G and 40G services.

“Collaborating with Huawei in testing 100G coherent transmission has
successfully demonstrated that the 100G transmission system is mature and ready
for commercial applications. This solution will help us accelerate the building
of ultra-broadband networks so that we can provide users with a wider range of
services,” said Sergey Sivodedov, chief technical officer of Beltelecom.

“Huawei is committed to the continuous improvement of its technical
innovations and its customer-oriented solutions and services,” said Xu
Zhidong, CEO of Huawei Belarus.

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