Huawei demonstrates RCS-e on GSMA Rich Communications Ecosystem Euro Summit

Huawei demonstrated its RCS-e service in the GSMA Rich Communications Ecosystem
Euro Summit.

Huawei showcased the RCS-e used on 3G and WiFi connections, the RCS-e
Application Service and the IMS call technology.

The event attracted operators from 14 countries, including not only the nearby
Baltic operators, but also operators from as far as France and Azerbaijan. In
total about 100 operators and suppliers representatives gathered in Stockholm
for a full-day agenda.

Huawei demonstrated its RCS-e client on a U8800 device in a Huawei IMS-based
RCS service – the Wo Friends service, which is already deployed by China

While the Huawei RCS-e demonstration appealed to the present operators, the Wo
Friends service gave them an even more dazzling experience as the unique and
commercialized RCS-e-based service has never been exhibited by any other

Most operators, as well as senior GSMA representatives joined Huawei for an
open discussion on how to deploy RCS-e. During the discussion Huawei shared its
experience in developing and testing IMS and RCS-e systems, which was valuable
to the operators who are preparing their own RCS-e launches.

Huawei also demonstrated support for the RCS-e slogan “It just
works!” by committing to deliveries of a terminal with native, out of the
box, built-in RCS-e service, another aspect of Huawei’s product that operators
found favorable.

“RCS is the natural evolution of voice and short messages. It’s a very
important solution from the Huawei portfolio. Huawei is glad to be the first
provider to demo this end-to-end solution, and Huawei will continue to propel
the progress in commercial RCS services,” said Duan Chengen, president of
Huawei Core Network Western Europe.

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