Huawei, FanPlay launch stadium solutions in Europe

Huawei has joined hands with FanPlay, a cloud-based digital content service provider, to launch agile stadium solutions to support wireless connectivity at stadiums and football clubs in Europe.

The ultimate aim of the partnership is to provide digital marketing and services that address demands from fans and spectators for more interaction and access to real-time statistics and replays of game highlights.

Ma Yun, marketing VP of enterprise networking business, Huawei, said: “Through leveraging FanPlay’s wide range of intelligent mobile applications and Huawei’s agile network architecture to enable smart stadiums, we will enable football clubs to deliver personalized services to their customers and generate new revenue streams.”

Huawei 2

Mobile business platforms for stadiums developed by Huawei and FanPlay will offer video broadcasting and replay, in-game betting, interactive games, online shopping, purchasing of fast food and beverages, ticketing, sponsor marketing message posting and product sales, etc.

This apart, football clubs can use the information collected via this platform to understand their fans and explore new business opportunities through other personalized mobile interactions.

Huawei’s agile controller and security gateways, which has big data analytics tool, protects the stadiums’ IT infrastructure and services from external attacks. Stadium operators can program the controller using central control policies to differentiate individual users with tiered service experience management in order to offer network quality guarantees to VIP users and network services.

In 2014, Huawei and FanPlay start to deploy the agile stadium solution at UK’s football club’s stadium. Huawei will deploy technologies to enable Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire stadium.