Huawei India introduces Wi-Fi Data Card E355 at Rs 5499

Telecom Lead India: Huawei Device India has
launched Huawei E355 modem that functions both as a data card for a single user
and as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for five Wi-Fi-enabled devices.


The launch of Huawei E355 modem expands Huawei open
market data card range to 5 devices available in Indian market.


The company claims that the Huawei E355is the world’s
first Data Card with Wi-Fi hotspot for 5.The modem comes with a USB interface
and offers flexibility of powering with a variety of USB chargers.


Speaking on the Indian launch of this new modem, Victor
Shanxin, president of Huawei Device India said that the Huawei E355 will
empower millions of Indian SMEs and large families.


He added that that E355 Wi-Fi Data Card is ideally suited
for the internet hungry families.


The official release read that that E355 Wi-Fi Data Card
is developed SOHO (Small office Home Office), Business professionals and


Priced at Rs 5499, Huawei E355 Wi-Fi Modem is equipped
with Type3i technology and offers faster HSPA+ 21 Mbps download and 5.76Mbps
upload speed.


The company claims that the Wi-Fi Data Card provides up
to 20 percent more upload and download speed compared to non Type3i devices.


Huawei launches plug and link data card at Rs 2199


Recently, Huawei Device India launched the HiLink E303Cs,
which is the world’s first plug and link data card.


The HiLink E303Cs automatically connects users to the
Internet in as little as 15 seconds.


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