Huawei introduces new storage and servers for enterprises

Telecom Lead India: Huawei has launched four unified
storage products under its OceanStor T series and four servers under the Tecal
series for enterprises.


The OceanStor T unified storage series is designed to
offer better intelligence and simplicity in the cloud era.


Tecal high-end servers will deliver substantially more
powerful performance and reliability.


The OceanStor T series contains four product models:
OceanStor S2600T, OceanStor S5500T, OceanStor S5600T, and OceanStor S5800 for a
wide scope of applications, including large database OLTP/OLAP,
high-performance computing, digital media, Internet commerce, central storage,
data backup, disaster recovery, and data migration.


A T series storage system can provide PB-level storage
capacity for various types of service data. This reduces management complexity
and total cost of ownership.


The OceanStor T series incorporates self-developed Smart
series software (SmartMotion, SmartTier, SmartCache, SmartThin, and SmartQoS),
which achieves the intelligent functions of: global data relocation, dynamic
storage tiering, service acceleration, data thin provisioning and service
quality control. These hardware and software advantages enable the OceanStor T
series to provide simplified and efficient storage services to customers.


“Cloud computing is an inevitable trend in the
storage industry, and therefore a key focus of Huawei’s. Huawei storage aims to
provide a stable, efficient, and scalable ‘unified storage cloud engine’
solution,” said Fan Ruiqi, president of Huawei Storage Product Line.


“OceanStor T series is based on the storage virtualization
of data centers, offers diversified cloud engines for different types of data,
and meets the requirement of storage resource sharing. The complex storage
processing mechanisms are transparent to customers, which facilitates
customers’ storage system management,” Ruiqi added.


Huawei Enterprise launches new products targeting more


Huawei has launched multiple enterprise products at CeBIT
2012. The new products will assist the Chinese gear maker to increase revenue
from enterprise business. Huawei Enterprise global sales contracts totaled $3.8
billion in 2011, up from $2 billion in 2010.


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